Garden Advice

After more than 30 years of experience I have developed an individual approach in advising customers on design, construction and maintenance.

I have come across problems like:

  • Plants that just would not grow in shady areas, sunny dry gardens or wet swampy gardens. Together we can find the right solution.
  • Different kinds of disorders, like fungal, bacterial or insect damage, once correctly identified, may be easily treatable. Often this may be done in a biological way.
  • Every kind of soil has its own structure, composition, nutrient levels and acidity (PH) values. We can help you by making the right choice for all your plants: roses, herbaceous plants, shrubs and trees.
  • We are experts in lawn care and can help you with weed and moss control, fertiliser and general lawn maintenance; we have the skills to get your lawn looking really healthy again.

Advice Service

Do you need specialist advice? You may like to do the gardening yourself, you may already have a team of gardeners, but you still have areas you are not happy with, or garden problems you can’t resolve.

We would be delighted to offer advice and can even help with training in all areas including:

  • Correct plant types for the situation.
  • Pruning of all plant types including shrubs, trees, climbers, soft fruit and fruit trees.
  • Topiary and clipping of Boxwood, Yew, Privet and other trainable plants.
  • Lawns and lawn care.
  • Vegetable gardens and growing.
  • Greenhouses, location and use.