Garden design & maintenance

The creativity and knowledge of The English Gardener, Tom Kerr, sees to the right way of combining your wishes and budget.

This is how he works:

During a first visit, we try to establish your wishes, your life style, life visions and interests by using ‘atmosphere cards’.

We later translate this to a design. This design will then form the base of a garden that will match your life style and taste.

All our designs are hand drawn because we feel this provides the best medium to convert an idea into a vision, hopefully giving you a good impression and understanding of the design.

From this design your garden can be created.

Needless to say you can draw up your own wish list at any time. We then combine your wishes and ideas into the design.

After gathering all necessary information we will form a quotation. Together with the design this will form the base of your gardens realisation. Then, after your approval, we start planning and finally the real work can begin.

The construction of your garden will be done by our skilled gardeners. Good communication with the client is of essential importance.

This way we cover all aspects of the realisation. This can include a variety of work such as:

• cultivating and improving the soil

• care of trees and plants

• paving and drainage

• partition, fencing and small structural objects

• ponds and watering systems

• supplying garden furniture, playing facilities etc.

• outdoor lighting

Garden renovation

The renovation of your garden and the reuse of existing plants, trees and shrubs and other material is an art of its own. An art which we in our trade have learned to combine. We treat the plants that you have enjoyed over the years respectfully. We also consider which landscaping materials (i.e. tiles or ornaments) can be put back in the new garden.


Phase 1

First we break down the current garden to be able to execute the new design. This is not always necessary. A house which has just been built is not likely to have any old elements, an existing house usually has. During a renovation which involves putting old and new elements together, parts of the garden usually stay intact.

Phase 2

Secondly the right heights are set, combined with improvement of the soil if necessary, depending on the customers’ wishes.

Phase 3

The third phase is the start of a visible build up where fixed elements and hard landscaping are carried out. Paving, fencing and other visual objects like ponds, fountains, raised borders made of stone or wood and lighting are created.

Phase 4

The final phase is putting in the plants. By using hedges, trees, lawn, raising or lowering parts of your garden, we can make it look deeper or wider.

Finally the borders will be filled with a variety of plants. We alternate different flowering times, kinds of plants, leaves and heights.